About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural process. Everyone has experienced and continues to experience hypnosis in the  course of their normal lives.  Some people  make the  suggestion that we are  constantly in one state or another, of  hypnosis.

Because the experience of hypnosis is common,  to many people,  the idea that you can be hypnotised is not easy to understand for some.  You may recognize hypnosis as the mental state that you experience when becoming absorbed in a good  book or story.  Or  the ability to experience emotions  while  watching a movie (although you  know that the scenes on the movie screen are just acting, you can be moved, and you can experience a whole range of emotions because you choose allow it to happen). When you  start to think of the many ways we, as people,  experience different levels of  hypnosis, you start to realise you already know  how it feels and  what it can do for you.

When we talk about hypnosis, we are talking about a process of allowing yourself to be guided to states of mind that you already experience naturally.  Hypnosis is another term for what you  know already as guided imagery, trance, day dreaming, guided meditation, entering the zone, guided relaxation, visualization, concentration, focus.  As with any of these processes  it is all controlled by your mind and  what you chose for yourself.

As humans we use these and other forms of mind states to accomplish the tasks and results that we want in our lives. The ability to concenntrate and  focus on a desired task is what makes us, as humans, able to achieve greatness and  complete everything from small to monumental tasks.  Many people feel that they have all the resources they need to  trully achieve their goals,  and  at times they are able to enter the  mind state that they need to  focus on what they need to resolve to move closer to their goals.  Many others can see that they have the resources they need, but  are unable to  keep their  minds on the  type of  focus that they require to  truly  move towards their  goals.

Hypnosis is one way to direct that focus, to discover the  ability that we all have,  and use the power of our imagination to  achieve a goal.




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