Self Hypnosis and Your minds operating instructions.



How would you like the opportunity to discover the power of your imagination?

What if you could steer the course of your life with greater certainty.  

How would, you like to hear “you can live a life filled with harmony”,  “you can follow the beat of your own drum”.

Does having a clearer view of the scenes from your past and a new vision of your future spark your interest? 

How do you think your life will be different if you have all the information you need to decide, to be happy, or how to find happiness?

It is a big question and you may be wondering.

It is good to wonder. Because that is one of the processes of the human mind.

Have you ever felt that you didn’t have the strength to do something, even if it was something small, or do you remember a time when you felt that you struggled?  Or have you ever held on to something that you don’t want, in your life.

Listen, “you can do it”.  You can achieve what it is you truly want.

You see other people, and you may wonder if you radiate the same image, or do you look different.

Imagination is the key to deciding what it will feel like, sound like; look like when you are the person you want to be.

Now, we all have a voice. Sometimes it is the voice that clearly expresses our thoughts, sometimes out loud, and sometimes just inside. 

How many of you have ever had a conversation with yourself, perhaps even had a debate.  Do you remember who won?  The point here, “that you have the power to do more than you have done.”  You can achieve more, when you bring the power of that voice in line with what you want.

 Sometimes you wish you learned faster, sometimes you wonder if what you are looking for will ever appear.

 Again, wondering is curiosity.  Curiosity is really FUN.   And it is curiosity that makes learning even more effective.  If you have ever felt that you wanted to have a greater understanding of why things are the way they are, you want to discover Self Hypnosis, and how it helps you to focus. 

 For many people, the moment the word hypnosis is mentioned they immediately jump to the image of hypnosis as depicted in the movies, or in comics, they remember conversations where someone somewhere said something about what hypnosis is or is not.

You also start to imagine the possibilities. And what it is you would be able to do if you knew hypnosis.

I am offering you the opportunity to discover the truth for yourself. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind; you experience it naturally several times a day. And we call that simply, being in the moment. 


I invite you to satisfy your curiosity.  

I cannot guarantee that every one will be hypnotized today and be able to do extraordinary things.

What I can guarantee, is that when you have an open mind and you allow yourself to experience the calmness in your mind, that you will feel better.

Through self hypnosis you are able to tap into your personal control centre and make the changes that you want.  To let go of unwanted emotions, or strengthen positive experiences.

Experience hypnosis. 

I can provide you with the names and numbers of many hypnotists in the lower mainland.

Come and talk to me for more information and on the many benefits you can get from Self Hypnosis.

Discover the power of your imagination and imagine your happiness now.




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